Types of event

We hold different types of sessions for different purposes and aimed at different levels of play. Here are the terms we use:

More generally, ultimate is played under these divisions:



Ultimate is played under:

In general, our training and competitions, plus the overwhelming majority of the competitions we enter, are played under the UKU gender policy: "UKU supports a[n] ... inclusive and equal approach welcoming all players to play in the division (or gender role in the mixed division) that they identify with".

Events without an explicit gender division are assumed to be "loose Mixed": played with whatever gender ratio is in attendance (other Mixed variants exist for specific gender ratios).


Ultimate is played on:

Indoor and beach ultimate use smaller fields and teams. Cambridge Ultimate sometimes competes in these variants too.


Most of the club's competitions are played without age restrictions, although under-16s attending our local events must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, as must under-18s traveling for competition. Elsewhere there are Youth competitions (U14, U17, U20, U24), as well as Masters (>=30 for woman-matching players, >=33 for man-matching players), GrandMasters (37, 40), and Great-GrandMasters (45, 48).