Where can I learn more about ultimate?

Our national governing body, UK Ultimate, has this page on the sport in general: ukultimate.com/learn , and this page ukultimate.com/rules-of-ultimate with a simple introduction to the rules of play and links to the authoritative documents.

Is this a university club?

Camdisc is open to everyone 18+ regardless of student status, and is not affiliated with any university. The Cambridge University Ultimate Club (and their competitive team Strange Blue) can be found at strangeblue.org . Anglia Ruskin University's club can be found through ARU's sports page.

Isn't this Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate was originally called "Ultimate Frisbee", but the name of the sport was changed some time after Wham-O's trademarked Frisbee discs fell out of use due to poor quality. The standard disc for ultimate at all levels of play across the world is the Discraft Ultrastar 175 (white plastic, hot-stamped decoration), which are available from CUUC cheaper than any store.

So this is a real sport, then?

In 2018, there were an estimated 7 million ultimate players in the world, up from an estimated 5 million in 2012. It is played at the World Games (as "ultimate flying disc") alongside rugby, netball, lacrosse, and hockey. The World Ultimate Championships and the World Ultimate Club Championships have been held regularly since 1983 and 1989 respectively. The World Flying Disc Federation, our international governing body, has held International Olympic Committee recognition since 2013. In the UK, there are over 120 registered clubs. Ultimate is a BUCS sport; there are additionally around 50 university clubs.