We run outdoor sessions every Sunday, all year round, which are free and open to all camdisc members, regardless of team affiliation (or none) and experience (or none). The exact time and location is confirmed on the ultimate-camdisc mailing list. Come along!

When daylight allows, we run additional sessions on weekday evenings. Depending on competition and at the behest of the committee, there may be further sessions at other times of year. Some of these additional training sessions may be invite-only or specific to one division.

For Cambridge Ultimate and other club teams, the competitive outdoor season tends to run from April to early October as a series of 2-day weekend tournaments. The camdisc Annual General Meeting is held shortly after.

For local, beginner-friendly competition, the CUUC College League is open to all comers, including non-students.

CUUC's Strange Blue faces off against the non-student members of camdisc in the annual Town v Gown fixture.

[O/W/X] refers to the gender division: Open, Women's, or miXed (more details in types of event).

You can subscribe to the calendar in your app of choice with this iCal (.ics) link.

To catch all the details about our events, subscribe to the ultimate-camdisc mailing list .

What do I need to play?

The standard disc used for ultimate around the world is the Discraft Ultrastar 175 (white). These are available from the University of Cambridge club here.