Ultimate in Cambridge

Camdisc is an organisation of Ultimate players in Cambridge, UK.

We run regular coached sessions and pickup games which are free and open to everyone 18+ (weekly in the winter, more often in the summer), as well as invitational sessions and competition squad training.

We enter competitive teams called Cambridge Ultimate (CUlt, for short) into events sanctioned by the national governing body UK Ultimate, across all gender divisions we can (Open/Women's/Mixed). Many of camdisc's members play for other local, university, and club teams, or none.

The Cambridge University Ultimate Club is a separate, affiliated organisation, and shares many events and players.

What is Ultimate?

Ultimate is a non-contact invasion sport where a flying disc is progressed down the field by passing between teammates. The opposing team tries to intercept passes: an interception, out of bounds throw, or the disc touching the ground results in a turnover, giving the defending team an opportunity to score in the other direction. Players off the disc move freely, but the thrower may only pivot (cf. netball). Points are scored by catching the disc in the opponent's end zone. The sport is self-officiated at every level of play.

More information can be found at ukultimate.com/rules-of-ultimate .