Membership is free, and open to everyone 18+ (even non-players).

Fill in the form below (using a personal google account), also found here, and you will be added to the club mailing list when possible: if you don't get a confirmation within a couple of days, let us know at the email address in the footer. You can end your membership at any time using the same address.

You must be a member to incur any costs through the club (e.g. going to tournaments, or sessions where we need to hire a venue), or if you have attended up to 3 sessions and want to attend any more.

Club expenses are split across members who incur them. These are generally things like hiring floodlit or indoor pitches where necessary (we play on public ground wherever possible, throughout the year), entering and traveling to tournaments, or buying uniforms.

Ultimate is a comparatively cheap sport to play: discs are ~£10 here and can last for years, and the only other equipment you need is studded boots (/cleats). For competition, a weekend-long tournament usually costs ~£20 per person in entry fees, although travel and accommodation around the venue (usually in another city) can be more.